mall/retail facility manager

Mall and retail facility managers wear many hats, making Harco a great partner because we offer construction, fixture installation, and barricade systems under one corporate umbrella.

As a general contractor, we can do your tenant improvement work and anything else you need at your facility, including general maintenance, restroom remodeling and general hardscape work.

When you put Harco’s name on the bid list for TI’s, you can be assured of having a solid firm competing aggressively on cost while providing the quality that you need.

We suggest that you ask your preferred facility General Contractors to put us on their subcontractor list for fixture installation. We have a very cooperative relationship with GCs, delivering only fixture installation services under their contract while they provide other GC services.

We also provide a full range of barricade systems including graphics through our Mal-Wal division, which has been delivering barricades since 1988. We provide this service directly to you or through your preferred general contractor.

Harco is sensitive to your difficult responsibility of keeping stores open during business hours while making improvements and repairs on schedule. Open store environments are our specialty; our personnel make cleanliness and appearance top priority in every job we do for you, whether construction, fixture installation, or barricade systems.



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